Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cajun and Creole Flavors

"Cest Ce Bon" Let the good times roll!!! I was born and raised in the South and food plays a big part of our culture. I love to cook for my family. I taught my daughters to cook Thanksgiving and Christmas meals. I have to say they really know their way around the kitchen.
 Being from the South I learned how to cook gumbos,etoufee, po-boys, and anything containing seafood. We would go to the park and have a feast on crawfish,shrimp,potatoes and corn.
"Fleur De Lis"

Seafood Potato

Green Salad
 Mardi Gras is a time to really celebrate. Everybody have their own mardi gras party leading up to "Fat Tuesday" and then its one big party. I love the atmosphere, the culture, and the food. There is no place like home. I'm often home sick for home and that's when I pull out the gumbo pot or cook up something that will make me feel like I'm back at home. I surround my self with things that remind me of home as well. I have "Fleur De Lis" symbols all through my house and when I go home to visit I always bring seasonings and whatever I can back with me.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Couponing 101

I know every body  heard about the show "Extreme Couponing". Well yes I got the fever too! I use to coupon years ago but never to the extreme that I do now. I have coupons everywhere in my house. Of course I had to get organized with my couponing. At first it was overwhelming but I recorded all the shows and watched them over and over and over again until I finally got my system. I have forced my daughters to watch the shows with me as well. Arielle now have the system down packed as well, she knows what to look for and I always bring her with me to the store. We both have our system in the store. I give her half of the coupons that we will be using for that store and she takes off with her buggy. And I take off with mine in hand and before we get ready to check out we meet up and check out our goodies and head for the register. I have to tell you its like a high, because you wonder if you made any mistakes in your calculations, you have to keep a eye on the register and before you even starting checking out,your  cashier have to know what she or he is doing, and hopefully your cashier is in a good mood.
 Aimee and Lori are catching on as well. I'm always telling them you have to save money, and spend wisely and I think that this is a great start.We have saved so much money; its a lot of work but it is definitely worth it! I say to anybody that want to save money, try couponing.

A day off? Not for Lori!

Lori is the middle child. She is very quiet and don't say too much. But you can always find her doing her nails or putting different outfits together. She have a very busy schedule and not a lot of time to relax. But that's ok I'm always telling her "hard work will pay off later". She want to open a chain of hair salons and later when she finish Cosmetology school, she plan on getting a degree in Business.

 She finished high school early and went straight to work on her dreams. We are so proud of her and can't wait until all of her dreams come true. Join us for her journey!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Arielle's Day At The Salon!

This is a typical day at the salon. The girls and I love to go to the salon. They go as often as once a week. We had such a hard time finding a good hairdresser. My husband found Mary Mccall(the owner of Genesis Salon). We have been going to her for the past three and a half years. She specializes in everything but she is really good at taking care of your own natural hair. We love her! The products that she used on Arielle's hair is Volumax Freeze,Motions oil sheen, BBD-stretch and Keola oil also she used JAM to slick the edges!(Perfect)!!!!!

"Getting ready to go to prom"

This was a very happy day for not only the girls but also for their dad and myself. We purchased Aimee's dress(in black) fron Dillard's Junior's Dept. Boy I tell you when she tried that dress on we were like yes this is the one. Arielle in the middle she helped her sisters prepare for the big day. Lori's dress was pink or fuschia. It is a beautiful dress. Lori look like a "Goddess" in that dress! Wow pink is definately her color. We had a photographer taking pictures, but I decided to do a little recording for my self. Their father escorted them to the prom and then out to eat. They really enjoyed themselves. Job well done!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Mom what's for supper?

Today was a very hot and steaming day. Unfortunately for my girls they each had to head out their different ways to work,school, etc. They all have busy lives. But for me I ended up at the hair dresser. I can always unwind when I'm getting my hair done.
 A couple of hours into chatting with my hair dresser I received three different texts. "Mommie what's for supper? What are you cooking? So as I'm leaving the salon, I'm thinking what can I cook that's really fast? Well to my surprise my oldest daughter had supper cooked when I made it home. She cooked marinated Jamaican chicken and a side dish of rice. Very tasty!
 We sat and talked the rest of the evening and watched television. We love the "Nanny". Good night!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Tired and Exhausted!!!

We checked out of the hotel this morning and finally made it home. We had a long weekend, one event after the other. But we are still excited about Aimee's pageant. Here are some pictures leading all the way up to the pageant. We started out one week before the pageant shopping in California for the perfect dress.

National Miss American

Today one of my daughters was in a pageant. It was our first pageant. It was a long day but we survived. She was beautiful! She didn't bring home the crown but she placed second and third in  different catogories. We were thrilled! For our first time ever I think she did pretty good. Well she qualified for state pageant. So here we come Hollywod,California(yippe,yahoo) can't wait. The next pagent is in California. Wish us luck!