Friday, August 26, 2011

Two-Year Contract

Guess what everybody Aimee and Lori got a signed two-year modeling contract with the modeling agency Barbizon. Yes we did it!!!! My husband and I are so proud of our girls. They are so excited to get started. Actually we found out Monday pass but I hurt my back so I was down and out. I'm feeling a little better now. So I'm giving a update of the good news!
 They start rocking the catwalk this Saturday. Yessss!!! So keep a eye out for our girls! They will be soon coming your way! Remember their faces! Here they come!!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Girls Audition

Today Lori and Aimee auditioned and interviewed for Barbizon Modeling Agency. It went very well. The owner of the Barbizon Modeling Agency interviewed both of the girls at the same time. She was very impressed; they had to do a commercial and be really energized. Boy I tell you they were pumped and excited and all smiles. All went well. We are so proud of our girls.

Arielle's lemon coconut cake
 Tomorrow we find out if they made it or not. Waiting sometimes can be tortutre, but I think I'm more nervous than the girls. So to calm my nerves I'm going to have a slice of lemon,cocunut cake and a cup of International chocolate coffee. That always seem to calm my nerves. Oh and maybe I will clip Sunday's coupons.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mommie's Night Out!!!

This blog is mainly about my daughters, but from time to time I will blog about about myself or my husband.
 Last night( Friday) my husband and I had a date night. We do this at least once or twice a month, so he decided last night was our night.
 My day started out at the hair dresser; this is where I go every Friday to get my hair done and to unwind . After that I went home and prepared supper for my girls, and I got all dolled up for my honey.
 We then headed out for a night on the town. First we went and ate dinner at this restaurant called Johnny Rockets. Its a restaurant where they serve old fashioned burgers and malts. It was stepping back into the fifties. The waitresses wore the hat and the 50's outfit; it was really cute and hip.
 my husband had a baccon double cheese burger with a banana chocolate malt. I had a patty melt with a orange cream soda malt. If I had to rate the food and service, I would have to give them a 'A'.
 While we were eating all of a sudden; I noticed that the music was getting really loud!!! out came all of the waitresses. They were standing in place and bouncing up and down. The music is getting louder and then they start singing the words along with the music and they're dancing, twirling, and spinning. We were like WOW!!!!. It was like being at a live show. It was very entertaining. We really enjoyed it.
 This restaurant is located right next to the AMC movie theater. The restaurant sold movie tickets there, so we were able to purchase tickets at a $2.00 dollar dicount for each ticket, a pretty good deal. So we walked over to the theater to watch 'The Planet Of the Apes'. It was a very good movie, we really enjoyed it. The theater was packed, we didn't get very good seats, but we managed.

 After the movie we walked around outside,  where they had a lot of acivities going on. There was a set up where the water was dancing and it had pretty colored lights shining through. If you like you could get in the water and play or cool off. As we walked we noticed several shops that sold bracelets, purses, shades and this and that. Every body seem to be enjoying themselves and for me my night was beautiful. I was with the man I love and that meant the world to me.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Mommie and Grandma

Today is my mother and my girls grandmother's birthday. She is no longer here with us today, God called her spirits to dwell with him on October 25, 2006. I can say so many good things about my mother. One thing I will say if you had a mother that was anything like my mother consider yourselves lucky. She loved everybody and she did what ever she could to help you.
 She gave a lot of her self to her church,school, and the sick. She loved to bake cakes, pies, and banana nut loaves. I remember she would have my girls shelled the pecans that she put in the loaves and I would spray or butter her pans and smash her bananas. Oh! and she made the best okra and tomatoes ever! Her greens were always the best.
 You know I was fortunate to inherit some of her recipes, like her lemon coconut cake(yummy)!!! She always bake this around the holidays.
 I get so emotional when I think or talk about my mother. It still hurt so bad, sometimes I just wish I can talk to her one more time. My girls were so lucky to have such a great grandmother. She helped to raise them and they spent so much time with her. They remember some of her recipes and they remember to always pray at night before bed. You see my mother use to have us pray and worship before bed and when we woke in the morning. She passed this on to my daughters as well and all of her other grandchildren.

 Words cannot express how we miss her but I know she is no longer suffering and I have the pleasure of having all the memories and her words of wisdom in my heart. "Gone but never forgotten."

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Getting Ready For College

Getting ready for college is on a whole new level compared to getting ready for high school. There are new challenges and pressures to deal with and oh! more money to pay out. But we are not ready to let her go off yet. So we said she will stay with us and do one year of college at home; and maybe we will let her attend the college of her choice.
 We are very proud of our daughter, she graduated a year early and while in high school she was enrolled in dual enrollment with a partnering college. So she already have college credits under her belt.

 Time pass so quickly: Enjoy your time with your children: before you know they are living a life of their own.