Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Girls Audition

Today Lori and Aimee auditioned and interviewed for Barbizon Modeling Agency. It went very well. The owner of the Barbizon Modeling Agency interviewed both of the girls at the same time. She was very impressed; they had to do a commercial and be really energized. Boy I tell you they were pumped and excited and all smiles. All went well. We are so proud of our girls.

Arielle's lemon coconut cake
 Tomorrow we find out if they made it or not. Waiting sometimes can be tortutre, but I think I'm more nervous than the girls. So to calm my nerves I'm going to have a slice of lemon,cocunut cake and a cup of International chocolate coffee. That always seem to calm my nerves. Oh and maybe I will clip Sunday's coupons.


  1. You've got three gorgeous girls! Hope they get selected! Wish I have a girl too, I have two boys. Thanks for dropping by my blog with a lovely comment, have a great week!


  2. Your daughters are lovely. I hope they are successful in their endeavors. Thanks for the stopping by.
    Be Blessed!

  3. Your girls are very very pretty. I am sure they will go very far! They won't have a problem getting into a modeling agency but one thing about Barbizon. Sometimes they want you to pay for things. You won't have to with your girls. Modelling agencies will pay them!
    Stopping by from VB!

  4. Your girls are beautiful! I have 3 girls who are toddlers and that top photo on your page is like a look at my future.

    I am a new follower from Mommy Bloggers.

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  5. Wish them the best of luck. Stopping by from VB.
    Have a great week.

  6. Thanks for stopping by I am already a follower.

  7. God Bless your precious daughters, you are TRULY blessed :)

    Thanks for stopping by A Dime at a time :)

  8. Many blessings to Lori and Aimee. Their beauty as well as their sweet personalities will carry them far. And that cake Arielle made looked so tasty!

    -Kimberly R.