Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mommie's Night Out!!!

This blog is mainly about my daughters, but from time to time I will blog about about myself or my husband.
 Last night( Friday) my husband and I had a date night. We do this at least once or twice a month, so he decided last night was our night.
 My day started out at the hair dresser; this is where I go every Friday to get my hair done and to unwind . After that I went home and prepared supper for my girls, and I got all dolled up for my honey.
 We then headed out for a night on the town. First we went and ate dinner at this restaurant called Johnny Rockets. Its a restaurant where they serve old fashioned burgers and malts. It was stepping back into the fifties. The waitresses wore the hat and the 50's outfit; it was really cute and hip.
 my husband had a baccon double cheese burger with a banana chocolate malt. I had a patty melt with a orange cream soda malt. If I had to rate the food and service, I would have to give them a 'A'.
 While we were eating all of a sudden; I noticed that the music was getting really loud!!! out came all of the waitresses. They were standing in place and bouncing up and down. The music is getting louder and then they start singing the words along with the music and they're dancing, twirling, and spinning. We were like WOW!!!!. It was like being at a live show. It was very entertaining. We really enjoyed it.
 This restaurant is located right next to the AMC movie theater. The restaurant sold movie tickets there, so we were able to purchase tickets at a $2.00 dollar dicount for each ticket, a pretty good deal. So we walked over to the theater to watch 'The Planet Of the Apes'. It was a very good movie, we really enjoyed it. The theater was packed, we didn't get very good seats, but we managed.

 After the movie we walked around outside,  where they had a lot of acivities going on. There was a set up where the water was dancing and it had pretty colored lights shining through. If you like you could get in the water and play or cool off. As we walked we noticed several shops that sold bracelets, purses, shades and this and that. Every body seem to be enjoying themselves and for me my night was beautiful. I was with the man I love and that meant the world to me.

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