Sunday, September 18, 2011

Look What Arielle Rocked!!

My girls love fashion.  I like to sit back and watch them create their fashions.
 Being from the South, I was raised to always keep your hair, nails, and clothes on point. You never,never stepped out without being presentable. No matter where you were going;(grocery shopping, work, running errands) you stepped out presentable. This was the rule in my household growing up.

 We raised our girls the same way. So when they go out; the rules apply. This is what Arielle rocked on her way to work. These pictures were taken about a month ago.


  1. That shoe looks good and your girls are so pretty.

  2. This is such a cute blog and your girls are just gorgeous!

  3. Hi, saw you on bloggymoms. Love the red shoes, so cute! Beautiful girls you have! Love for you to check out my new blog and follow back! Thanks!